December 2017 Miscellany

A sudden rush of photos not seen before.

Roger Bunce sent the first four, and says “Some rather wonderful photos, from the Golden Age of monochrome, when cameramen wore jackets and ties, have been forwarded to me by George Auckland. The owner thinks they were shot at Ealing Studios – which they clearly weren’t!”

We haven’t yet worked out who the people are, apart Dave Thompson on Marconi MK IV camera 3.   The fourth picture with “Bush” prominent, is presumably at the Radio Show

Next are the pages of “Opportunities at the BBC” from Peter Eveson, followed by some of his pictures –  “a still I took whilst on a visit ( as a schoolboy visitor) to Lime Grove around 1966 ish. It’s a Blue Peter in Studio D or G”


“Lime Grove shot was taken at the same time.  I think it must have been a political interview day with Robert McNamara and perhaps Willy Whitelaw who are seen having a chat outside the studio. I was just finishing my school visit to Blue Peter when I noticed them.”


“Piers Ford-Crush on a 60’s Blue Peter down at Riverside Studios”

Tony Crake sent the next three, and says “Found these prints squashed in the bottom of a large box of 60’s B&W prints. The quality is dreadful but might provide a bit of interest dating from that era ! They are scans of prints on matt paper ! Not recommended !I took them (!) when I was first attached to the camera side of things …. ! Nobody had explained to me I should’nt be clicking away with my Voigtlander !

And Bill Jenkin sent the last, possibly of Dave Batt



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