Some of the most on-going fun I had at the BBC was 11 years in cameras during the golden age of television.
Back in 2002  I found a number of long lost photos from the sixties/seventies and was so pleased about this that I wanted to share them. I had the thought that there might be others out there with pics (and stories) that they too could share, and it seems I was right.

In 2010 I updated the site using WordPress, but all the original pages are still available at .There are around 170 pages on the old site, and now over fifty on this one, so if you want to find something I strongly advise using the search functions on the sites. This WordPress version you can step through using the links, but the old site was started before WP existed, so you’ll have to do it via the index page.

So – if you’d like to start at the beginning of all this WP site, go here –  . A link at the top of each page will take you through. Page 171 refers to the old site page numbers.


Oh, and if any of this is your copyright, and you object, of course I’ll remove it straight away.