Pictures from David Hadley

David found these pictures. They are from an Out of the Unknown episode called Beach Head. IMDB says it was 1969, directed by James Cellan Jones and starred Ed Bishop.  Anyone work on it? Anyone able to put some names in?

…and in a very short time, Geoff Fletcher says –

“… of the SF stories in the Out Of The Unknown series. The original story was written by Clifford Simak and was/is a favourite of mine. The adaptation was a good one and I enjoyed the two days on it.

Crew 14 – that’s Dave Mutton on the Mole in photo 1. In Photo 2 I think that’s Robin Barnes on the ped next to Camera 1.

TC8 –  Wednesday 22 May and Thursday 23 May 1968.  Times were Wednesday 1230 – 2215,  Thursday 1130 – 2215.”

Roger Bunce –

“Could be Brian Holloway on the ped in photo one, and Ian Tomlin on the nearest boom in photo two?”

Barry Bonner has a full crew list and says “….methinks I can see Peter Levers lurking in the background.”

Crew 14 1968

 IMG_3387 IMG_3388
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